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Meet Kola, the original and the Alpha of our pack! Fondly known as 'Koly Guacamole,' she's a spirited and loving companion. With a history of 4 litters, Kola has since retired and was fixed a few years ago. Now, at the age of 8 and still in her prime, she enjoys her days as a daddy's girl, basking in the love and attention of her family. Her vibrant personality continues to shine, making every day with Kola a joyous adventure!


I adore going on adventures with my Mommy and Daddy, whether it's a car ride or a day at the park. Playing fetch is one of my favorite games, and I have a special passion for swimming. After a fun-filled day, there's nothing better than taking a cozy nap with my daddy. Life is full of simple joys, and I embrace them all with a wagging tail!

Favorite Food

Everything LOL, but I love roast!!!

Kola (2).jpg
Ember and Kola.  Sun_s out buns out.jpg
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