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Hello, I'm O’rion, affectionately known as the 'Big Boy.' Over the years, I've fathered many adorable puppies, and now at the age of 9, I'm enjoying a more leisurely life. My heart belongs to my Mommy, Deni, and I'm her constant companion. Whether she's in the kitchen or the living room, I'm always right there by her side. My loyalty and gentle nature make me a beloved member of the family!


I take great joy in showing off my toys, and I'm always eager to let everyone admire them. Swimming is a fun pastime for me, but unlike some other dogs, it's not my absolute favorite. What I truly enjoy is taking leisurely walks, exploring the outdoors, and yes, marking every bush I see. It's these simple pleasures that make my days so fulfilling!

Favorite Food

I love whipped cream!

Papa Orion.jpg
Orion aka Big Boy.jpg
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