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Meet Zoey, a loving 4-year-old known to her friends as ZoBerg. She's just welcomed her 3rd litter and is looking forward to a well-deserved break for at least the next 2 years. Her Mommy believes in giving her time to just "be a dog for a while," enjoying life without the responsibilities of motherhood. Zoey's latest litter, currently available for new homes, includes 4 black girls, 1 black boy, 2 white boys, and 1 white girl. Zoey adores her puppies and takes immense pride in being a mommy. Her love and care shine through in every wag of her tail!


I have a playful side and enjoy teasing O’rion by taking his toys away – all in good fun, of course! While Kola, Ember, and Jada might be big fans of swimming, it's not quite my style. Instead, I prefer the simple pleasures of a nice long walk and a spirited game of fetch. These activities bring me joy and keep me active and engaged!

Favorite Food

I love everything, but my favorite is bully bones.

Zoey and babies.jpg
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